This boat is HIGH TECH!

Special Thanks to Pat McDonald for these pictures and his excellent craftsmanship in

building components for his OnStat system installed in his 4 cell hydro.


Below: Motor mount with custom made sensor bracket, custom made rpm disk mount.

This picture illustrates how disk sensor straddles disk in order to read rpm during a run.



Below: Efficient and professional installation of motor assembly with attached OnStat sensor and rpm disk.

This OnStat system has a special order mini micro switch to trigger recording.


Below: OnStat system designed for r/c boating application. This system features an external trigger micro switch to activate rpm recording. System includes (from top to bottom) infrared disk sensor with plug-in sensor wire (10 in.), activation micro switch (special order for this unit), extended on/off switch (4 in.), rpm disk, and onboard computer . This system is used to monitor boating output shaft speed up to 51,000 rpm.